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Virginians of Maryland

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The Virginians of Maryland, a fraternal organization of Virginians transplanted to Maryland dating to 1927, will honor the distinguished journalist Brit Hume at their 75th annual Medallion Award dinner at The Maryland Club on April 17th. Mr. Hume will be the 75th recipient of an honor that has been awarded to distinguished Virginians since Senator Carter Glass became the first recipient in 1940. Recipients include such illustrious Virginians as Admiral Richard Byrd, Senator Hugh Scott, Lady Nancy Astor, Honorable Lewis F. Powell, Governor Colgate Darden, Colonel John W. Ripley, Larry Sabato, General George C. Marshall and many others.

The Virginians of Maryland date to 1927, when on November 27th a group of men gathered at The Emerson Hotel to consider the formation of a new society of Virginians. Mr. Willoughby McCormick called the meeting to order, and after some debate, a motion to form the society was proposed and unanimously approved. A Certificate of Incorporation was filed with the state of Maryland, which was issued on December 29th, and sets forth the purpose of the society as follows: “The purpose for which this Corporation is formed is to preserve and fasten pride in Virginia history and traditions, to celebrate the anniversaries of great events in her annals, and to cultivate social and friendly relations among the members of this Corporation”.

Mr. Hume is a veteran journalist with more than 35 years experience in senior positions at Fox News and ABC News. During his career he has held such prestigious positions as the anchor of Fox News ‘Special Report’, and senior White House correspondent for ABC News. Mr. Hume is the recipient of many awards, including an Emmy Award in 1991 for his coverage of the Gulf War, and has authored two books, ‘Inside Story’ and ‘Death and the Mines’. Early in his career, Mr. Hume worked as a newspaper reporter at the Baltimore Evening Sun. A graduate of the University of Virginia, Mr. Hume resides in Washington DC with his wife Kim Schiller Hume.

The evening’s events for the 75th annual Medallion Dinner will begin at 6:30 on April 17th at The Maryland Club in Baltimore, and will include remarks by the society’s president J. Tuley Wright V, introduction of the Medallionist Alexander Brit Hume, presentation of the Medallion of Honor, and remarks by the guest of honor, Alexander Brit Hume.

To learn more about this event, contact Mr. J. Tuley Wright at tuleywright or 443-791-9440 and visit the society’s website at

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