Lexington-based George C. Marshall Foundation names new president

The Virginians of Maryland (VOM) is happy to announce that Rob Havers has been named president of the Lexington-based George C. Marshall Foundation.  The Virginians of Maryland awarded General Marshall, posthumously, the prestigious VOM Medallion in 2013. In addition we are proud that another former medallion recipient, Jay Adams VOM Medallion recipient in 2012, holds the position as Chairman of the Board of such a great organization.

The George C. Marshall Foundation is dedicated to celebrating General Marshall’s legacy and inspiring new leaders.  The independent Marshall Foundation perpetuates Marshall’s legacy through scholarship, leadership and statesmanship programs and facilities (including a museum and research library) that offer a wide range of resources and materials for use by the general public, amateur historians, scholars and students of all ages.  To read an Overview of the Foundation, its programs and scope of work visit http://tinyurl.com/m6g5l6m.    

The full article can be read here:  http://tinyurl.com/kaeqm5y