Our Beginnings:

On November 27, 1927 a group of men gathered at the Emerson Hotel in Baltimore Maryland to consider the formation of a new Society of Virginians.  The meeting was called to order by a Mr. Willoughby McCormick, who delivered a short, informal address setting forth the reasons and purpose of the proposed society.

Mr. Willoughby informed his guests that he was “prompted by the Good Book which tells us that ‘in multitudes of counsel there is wisdom.'”  He reminded the gathering of the many benefits to be derived from such a fellowship in Maryland and lamented on the lack of a statue in their adopted city of Baltimore of either General Lee or General Jackson, especially since Maryland gave to the South over 30,000 of its best young for the cause to which these generals were dedicated.

After some debate as to whether a Society should be formed, a motion was offered by a Mr. Vaiden and seconded by a Mr. Reid that a Society be formed.  This motion was unanimously carried, and the beginning of the Virginians of Maryland was recorded.

Following this inaugural meeting a Certificate of Incorporation was filed with the state tax commission for record and a corporate seal was purchased. The Certificate of Incorporation is dated December 29, 1927 and sets forth the purpose of the Society as follows:

“The purpose for which this Corporation is formed are to preserve and fasten interest and pride in Virginia history and traditions, to celebrate the anniversaries of great events in her annals, and to cultivate social and friendly relations among members of this Corporation—–.”